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These terms have been collated from all over the internet and some are fanciful or invented so I've listed them all for your information but any not fully verified are followed by a question mark (?).

The Oxford Dictionary is accepted as a leading authority on the english language and the AskOxford - Collective Terms is useful to verify the information found here.

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Collective terms used for animals



It's in <LIST> format not <DATABASE> format because I like scolling down and looking at them, it's far more interesting. It also makes it easier for me to learn them.


The main list here is in alphabetical order of the terms. To find the term used for a specific animal you will find it easier using the list in the lower left column or for a more colourful experience visit My Creatures Page.


Use the Alphabet Menu to jump to the section you need or scroll down the page and enjoy the list. Or if you are like me, spend a little time just running your mouse along the menu making the letters bob up and down.








ATop of Page

Aerie of eagles (US spelling of Eyrie)
Ambush of tigers?
Array of hedgehogs
Army of ants
Army of catepillars
Army of frogs
Army of herrings
Ascension of larks?
Aurora of polar bears



BTop of Page

Badelynge of ducks?
Bale of turtles
Ballet of swans
Band of coyotes
Band of gorillas
Band of nymphs
Barrel of monkeys
Barren of mules
Bask of crocodiles
Battery of barracuda
Battery of hens
Bazaar of guillemots?
Bed of clams
Bed of oysters
Bed of ducks?
Bed of scorpions
Bed of snakes
Bed of worms
Bevy of larks
Bevy of otters
Bevy of quail
Bevy of rabbits
Bevy of swans
Bevy of turtles
Bew of partridge
Bike of ants
Bike of hornets
Bike of wasps
Bind of salmon
Bloat of hippopotami or hippopotamuses
Bloom of jellyfish
Boil of hawks (2 or more)
Bouquet of pheasants
Brace of partridges, pheasants (hunting... pair of game birds)
Brood of hens
Brood of pheasants
Buffoonery of orangutans
Building of rooks
Bunch of ducks (on water)
Bunch of worms
Bury of rabbits
Bushel of crabs?
Business of ferrets
Business of flies



CTop of Page

Cackle of hyenas
Caravan of camels
Cartload of chimpanzees
Cartload of monkeys
Cast of crabs? (possibly a fishing term?)
Cast of hawks? (2?, possibly a hunting term?)
Catch of oysters
Cete of badgers
Charm of finches, goldfinches
Charm of hummingbirds
Charm of magpies
Chatter of budgerigar
Chattering of chicks
Chattering of chough
Chattering of goldfinches
Chattering of hummingbirds
Chattering of starlings
Chine of polecats
Clamour of rooks?
Clan of hyenas
Clan of orcas or killer whales
Clew of worms?
Cloud of flies
Cloud of gnats
Cloud of grasshoppers
Cloud of locust
Cloud of starlings
Clowder of cats
Cluster of antelope
Cluster of bees
Cluster of grasshoppers
Cluster of spiders
Clutch of chicks
Clutch of oysters
Clutter of cats
Clutter of spiders
Clutter of starlings
Coalition of cheetahs
Coffle of asses (probably when roped in line)
Cohorts of zebras
Colony of ants
Colony of bats
Colony of beavers
Colony of bees
Colony of beetles
Colony of frogs?
Colony of gulls
Colony of lice
Colony of meerkats
Colony of mice
Colony of penguins
Colony of rabbits
Colony of scorpions
Colony of squirrels
Colony of termites
Colony of wasps
Company of foxes
Company of moles
Company of parrots
Congregation of Alligators?
Congregation of crocodiles
Congregation of plovers
Congregation of rooks
Congress of ravens
Conspiracy of ravens
Convocation of eagles
Corps of giraffe
Coterie of prairie dogs
Couple and a half of hounds (3)
Couple and a half of conies (3)
Covey of grouse
Covey of partridge
Covey of pheasant
Covey of ptarmigan
Covey of quail
Covey of woodcock
Cowardice of curs
Crash of rhinoceroses
Creep of tortoise
Crossing of zebras
Crowd of porpoises
Cry of hounds



DTop of Page

Deceit of lapwings
Den of snakes
Descent of woodpeckers
Desert of lapwings?
Dissimulation of birds
Dole of doves?
Dole of turkeys
Down of hares
Draft of fish
Drey or Dray of squirrels
Drift of cattle
Drift of pigs
Drift of quail
Drift of sheep
Dropping of pigeons?
Drove of cattle
Drove of donkeys
Drove of oxen
Drove of pigs
Drove of sheep
Drum of goldfinches
Drum of hummingbirds
Drumming of grouse?
Duet of doves
Dule of doves?
Durante of toucans



ETop of Page

Earth of foxes
Escargatoire of snails
Exaltation of larks
Eyrie of eagles



FTop of Page

Fall of woodcock
Family of beavers
Family of loris
Family of otters
Family of porcupines
Field of horses
Flamboyance of flamingos
Flange of baboons
Fleet of birds?
Flick of hares?
Flight of wild fowl
Flight of ducks
Flight of sparrows
Flight of storks
Flight of swallows
Fling of dunlins
Float of crocodiles?
Flock of birds (any breed)
Flock of camels
Flock of ducks
Flock of goats
Flock of geese
Flock of lions
Flock of lice
Flock of magpies
Flock of pigs
Flock of sheep
Flock of swans
Flock of swifts
Flock of turkeys
Flotilla of swordfish
Flush of mallard
Flush of ostriches
Fold of sheep



GTop of Page

Gaggle of geese
Gallop of greyhounds
Gam of whales
Game of swans?
Gang of bison, buffalo, elk (US)
Gang of meerkats
Gang of turkeys
Gang of weasels
Gatling of woodpeckers
Gib of salmon
Glean of herrings
Grind of whales?
Grist of bees
Group of giraffe
Group of guinea pigs
Group of lemurs
Gulp of magpies



HTop of Page

Harem of sea lions
Harvest of mice
Harras of horses
Hatch of flies
Herd of antelope
Herd of alligators
Herd of bison
Herd of buffalo
Herd of cattle
Herd of cows
Herd of cranes
Herd of curlews
Herd of deer
Herd of dinosaur (herbivore)
Herd of dolphins
Herd of donkeys
Herd of elephants
Herd of elks
Herd of giraffe
Herd of mooses
Herd of goats
Herd of hippopotami or hippopotamuses
Herd of horses
Herd of llamas
Herd of manatee
Herd of pigs
Herd of porpoises
Herd of pronghorns
Herd of reindeer
Herd of rhinoceroses
Herd of sea lions
Herd of sheep
Herd of sitatunga
Herd of topies
Herd of walruses
Herd of whales
Herd of wildebeest
Herd of wrens
Herd of yaks
Herd of zebras
Hill of ruffs?
Hide of tigers?
Hive of bees
Hive of oysters
Hoggery of pigs
Horde of gerbils
Horde of gnats
Horde of hamsters
Horde of mice
Horde of rats
Horde of wolves
Host of angel fish
Host of locust
Host of sparrows
Hover of hummingbirds
Hover of trout
Huddle of hippopotami or hippopotamuses
Huddle of walruses
Husk of hares



ITop of Page

Infestation of Lice
Intrigue of kittens
Intrusion of cockroach



JTop of Page




KTop of Page

Kaleidoscope of butterfies
Kennel of hounds
Kettle of hawks (flying in large numbers)
Kindle of kittens
Kindle of hares (of young in the nest ie. kindle of leverets)
Kine of cattle?
Kindergarten of giraffe?
Kit of pigeons (in flight)
Knob of teal
Knob of toads
Knot of frogs?
Knot of snakes
Knot of toads
Knot of wasps



LTop of Page

Labour of moles
Leap of hares
Leap of leopards
Leash of deer, foxes, hares or hounds (hunting... 3 of a kind)
Line of geese
Line of skunks
Litter of piglets
Litter of pups
Litter of rabbits
Lodge of beavers
Lodge of otters



MTop of Page

Mask of raccoons
Match of nightingales
Mess of iguanas?
Mews of hens
Mischief of mice
Mischief of rats
Mob of cattle, deer (US)
Mob of emus
Mob of meerkats
Mob of sheep
Mob of wallabies
Mob of whales
Mob of wombats
Movement of moles
Murder of crows
Murder of magpies
Murmuration of starlings
Muster of peacocks
Mustering of storks
Mutation of thrush
Mute of hares?
Mute of hounds



NTop of Page

Nest of rabbits
Nest of scorpions
Nest of snakes
Nest of turtles
Nest of wasps
Nide of pheasants
Nursery of raccoons
Nye or nide of geese?
Nye of oxen?
Nye of pheasants



OTop of Page

Obstinacy of buffalo
Ostentation of peacocks



PTop of Page

Pace of asses
Pace of donkeys
Pack of dogs, wolves, coyotes
Pack of dinosaur (carnivore)
Pack of grouse
Pack of gulls
Pack of hounds
Pack of mules
Pack of polar bears
Pack of rooks?
Pack of sheep
Pack of weasels
Pack of wolves
Paddle or Paddling of ducks (on water)
Pail of wasps?
Pair of horses (when in harness)
Parade of elephants
Parade of penguins
Parcel of birds?
Parcel of hens
Parcel of penguins
Parliment of owls
Parliment of ravens
Parliment of rooks
Passe of asses?
Passe of donkeys?
Passel of possums
Peep of chicks?
Pit of snakes
Piteousness or Pitying of turtle doves
Plague of gnats
Plague of locust
Plump of geese (on water)
Plump of woodcock?
Pod of beluga
Pod of birds
Pod of dolphins
Pod of hippopotami or hippopotamuses
Pod of orcas or killer whales
Pod of porpoises
Pod of sea lions
Pod of walruses
Pod of whales
Posse of turkeys
Pounce of cats
Prattle of parrots
Prickle of hedgehogs
Prickle of porcupines
Pride of lions
Pride of peacocks
Prowl of leopards
Puddling of mallard


QTop of Page

Quarrel of sparrows
Quiver of cobra


RTop of Page

Rabble of butterflies
Rabble of gnats
Rabble of rats?
Raffle of turkeys?
Raft of ducks (on water)
Raft of otters?
Rafter of turkeys
Rag of horses? (US?)
Rake of mules
Rangale of deer
Regatta of swans
Remuda of horses (US, next days pick or exchange)
Rhumba of rattlesnakes
Richness of martens
Romp of otters
Rookery of penguins
Rookery of rooks
Rookery of sea lions
Roost of hens
Rout of coyotes
Rout of snails?
Rout of wolves
Route of nightingales
Route of wolves
Run of fish
Run of salmon
Rush of swallows



STop of Page

Sault of lions?
Sawt of lions?
School of cod
School of dolphins
School of fish
School of porpoises
School of salmon?
School of sea lions
School of sharks
School of whales
Scourge of mosquitos
Scurry of squirrels
Sedge of bitterns
Sedge of cranes
Sedge of heron
Shiver of sharks
Shoal of fish
Shoal of rooks?
Shoal of salmon
Shoal of sharks
Shoal of whales
Shrewdness of apes
Siege of cranes
Siege of heron
Skein of geese
Skulk of foxes
Sleuth of bears
Sliver of snakes
Sloth of bears
Smack of jellyfish
Sneak of weasels
Sord of mallard
Sounder of pigs
Sounder of wild boar
Sowse of lions?
Span of mules (more than two in harness)?
Span of oxen (more than two in harness)
Spot of leopards?
Stand of flamingos
Stand of plovers
Stare of owls
Stench of skunks
Streak of tigers
Stretch of giraffe
String of horses (when breeding)
Stripe of zebras
Stud of horses (when breeding)
Surfeit of skunks
Sute of bloodhounds
Swarm of ants
Swarm of bees
Swarm of eels
Swarm of flies
Swarm of gnats
Swarm of butterflies
Swarm of grasshoppers
Swarm of hornets
Swarm of jellyfish
Swarm of locust
Swarm of mosquitos
Swarm of rats
Swarm of termites
Swarm of wasps
Swoop of swallows



TTop of Page

Team of ducks
Team of horses (when in harness)
Team of oxen (when in harness)
Team of sea lions
Team of swans
Tiding of magpies
Tittering of magpies
Tower of giraffe
Town of prairie dogs
Train of camels
Tribe of antelope
Tribe of goats
Tribe of lions
Tribe of magpies
Tribe of monkeys
Tribe of sparrows
Trip of dotterels
Trip of goats
Trip of sea lions
Trip of sheep
Troop of apes
Troop of baboons
Troop of dogfish
Troop of foxes
Troop of giraffe
Troop of gorillas
Troop of horses (when being ridden)
Troop of kangaroos
Troop of lions
Troop od mandrills
Troop of monkeys
Troop of trout
Troubling of goldfinches
Troubling of goldfish
Troubling of hummingbirds?
Turn of turtles?



UTop of Page

Unkindness of ravens



VTop of Page

Vein of goldfinches
Venom of spiders
Volery of birds (in an aviary)



WTop of Page

Walk of snails
Walk of snipes
Warren of rabbits
Warren of wombats
Watch of nightingales
Wedge of geese (V formation when migrating)
Wedge of swans (V formation when migrating)
Wing of plovers
Wisp of snipes



XTop of Page




YTop of Page

Yoke of oxen (when in harness)



ZTop of Page


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